Perfect Sticky Rice with Power Cooker!

Perfect Sticky Rice!

Finally, I have found the combination that makes great sticky rice.

I was watching a Martha Stewart video on making the perfect sticky rice. Well, she had some weird stove top contraption she was using and a huge bamboo looking funnel basket. Enough is enough. The majority of people don't have or want this type of thing just for making rice.

I was on a quest for making sticky rice an easier way. My brother asked me what kitchen gadget I wanted for my birthday, and I picked this Power Cooker Pressure Cooker. I found it at Walmart after searching Target and BB&B. 

I wanted to make Beef & Broccoli with sticky rice. I thought, no better place to pick up the rice than at a local Asian Market. You may not have a local Asian Market, but you can get the idea of what I picked up by the picture. The very top of the bag says "Asian Taste".

A bag of Jasmine Rice. I read, (after the fact), that there is something called Thai Sticky Rice and I thought I needed to go back and exchange the Jasmine, but I didn't. I put 2 cups of this rice combined with 2 cups of water and ten minutes later I had the best sticky rice EVER! One tip: Do not rinse the rice before putting in the pressure cooker. I heard that it washes away the starch and nutrients. There is a Rice button on the pressure cooker. Once pressed the cooker heats up and starts the 10 minute countdown. When finished, it automatically goes to the warm setting. You don't have to soak this rice or go through any other rituals, just put it in and cook it!

I hope this helps you on your quest for sticky rice. Good luck, and good eating!