Sea Salt Grinder Catastrophe!

Read this if you're thinking about purchasing or already have a sea salt grinder.
One day I ran out of sea salt in the box, and realized I had a full sea salt grinder in the cupboard that I never used. I began using it for most all of our meals. 
Then a thought occurred to me one day. What if the plastic part of the grinder was wearing, and I was actually grinding plastic into my food along with the salt. I would never know because the salt was the same color as the plastic. I quickly dismissed the idea thinking there was no way a company would sell a product like that knowing that it could possibly contaminate the food.

Then came the day that the grinder was almost empty. I was making a wonderful pot roast. I braised the roast and was ready to sweat the veggies. I put all of my veggies into the dutch oven. As they started to cook, I grinded my salt over them. All of the sudden I saw what looked like large chunks of salt going into the food. I stopped to inspect the grinder. I turned it upside down and my worst nightmare had come true!

The teeth of the grinder had failed and were going into my Sunday dinner! I was livid. In fact, the whole center part of the grinder was about to come out too. I took pictures, and went on a search for the Canadian company. I searched and searched. Apparently they are now out of business. So check your kitchen for the plastic grinder! From what I can tell, the grinder part should be made out of ceramic or stainless steel. It should be labeled on the package or the bottom of the grinder.

Here is an example of a highly rated ceramic sea salt grinder....

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