California trip day 2: Hollywood

California trip day 2: Hollywood

Day two in Hollywood was very exciting for us. It started out with a bang! Our first priority was to visit the Hollywood Walk of Fame where they have the stars' names on the sidewalk. I didn't realize how many there were until we started walking Hollywood Boulevard.
 I thought they were mainly grouped around the Chinese Theatre where they do the red carpets, but no, they seemingly go on forever. Sandy and Jessica wanted to find Jennifer Aniston's star, so we went on a journey and found ourselves walking blocks to find it.   Fortunately, we were going in the right direction!
Around that time, we saw a film crew setting up on the sidewalk. We asked a few passersby and eventually got our answer. It was the TV show NCIS: Los Angeles!

They were filming part of an episode. It looked like they were going to take a while, so we went down to Scooby's for lunch. It is a very small hot dog place on Hollywood Blvd. They have great hot dogs, fries, and fresh squeezed lemonade. While I was finishing up lunch, Sandy and Jessica went down to find out more on the filming. While Sandy was talking to one of the extras, one of the directors came over and introduced himself to them. When he figured out Sandy wasn't a hired extra, he said she could be part of the scene ... "Just be inconspicuous", he said. Jessica  hurriedly came back to tell me the latest, and I hightailed it back to the set. When I got there I saw a couple of the actors for the scene and couldn't believe that we might get in on it. It wasn't long before we heard "Set!", "Background!", "Rolling!", "Action!!". Background was our cue to walk in front of the store as extras in the scene. All of the sudden, the director flagged us to walk in the scene. I couldn't believe it. Our plan had worked. We snuck in on the taping of a TV show! Then we heard "Reset!". That meant everyone had to go back to their places and start over.

We could not see what was going on in the store where the actors were, but something must have happened. We went back to our places and did it all over again. This would happen several times over the next twenty minutes or so. Somehow another director caught on to us and started asking me questions each time we walked by doing our scene. The first time he asked, "Are you working with us today?" to which I replied "yes". The next time it was "Where are you from?". I replied "Florida" (keep walking I was telling myself). By this time, the entire crew was talking into their radios about us, and it became a friendly joke that we were there and in the scene. The directors started talking to us and before we knew it, they wanted us in the front of the line! In this short video we are standing in the extras line on the left while the two actors ahead talk about the upcoming scene.

Some of the other extras felt snubbed, but hey, they were getting paid anyway and we weren't. On the last take, the actors were getting out of their car and walking across the sidewalk. They set the three of us up right next to them! After that the director asked the actors, Dani Ruah ("Kinsi") and Miguel Ferrer ("Owen") if they would pose in a picture with us.
They said sure, and were very friendly about it. Needless to say, we are now big fans of NCIS: Los Angeles. We'll be watching episode number nine that should air in Nov-Dec to see if we made it on the show!
After all that excitement, we drove to Beverly Hills for some Rodeo Drive window shopping and enjoyed some cheesecake at the Cheesecake Factory. Then Jessica wanted to go to Dash Boutique. Sandy and Jessica "dashed in and out" to see if any Kardashians were in the store.  Unfortunately, they were not but Jessica got a picture in the store which was less expensive than the $60 Dash Tee shirt.

Next up, Sandy had scored us some Jimmy Kimmel priority tickets online. We arrived around 5pm to stand in line. It took around 30-45 minutes before we got in, but we were in! It is movie theater style seating for about a couple hundred people. They tell you where the guests will come out and when to clap. During commercials, people are doing makeup and having small talk. Just like the taping of Last Man Standing, they had a comedian to warm up the audience. They tell you to laugh even if it's not funny. Fortunately Jimmy Kimmel is very funny! In my opinion, he is funnier than Leno and Letterman put together. His guests were actor Chris Elliott and musical guest, Dwight Yoakam. At the end, we had a free mini concert. It was another memorable Hollywood experience.

After a pit stop at Baja Fresh, we took a ride up to Mulholland Drive. It has a great view of the city. Many movies and scenes have been filmed there overlooking Hollywood. Day two was jam packed, and we were ready to crash. Have you been to a late night show taping, been on TV, or walked Hollywood Blvd? Please tell us about your experience!
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