Day 5 & 6: Tips for Visiting The Big Apple, New York City for the first time

Tips for Visiting The Big Apple, New York City for the first time: Day 5 & 6

Day five consisted of a lot of walking in Central Park along with a visit to the Metropolitan Museum of Art. It started out raining, so we decided to have lunch at Kefi before heading out. Sandy had the Macaronia Spestofai and I had the Pork Souvlaki. If you want great Greek food, this is the place. By the time we were done eating, the rain had stopped, and we continued on to Central Park. You don't realize how big the park is until you're on foot walking down one of the long and winding paths. We did not take the pedicab or carriage tour. One of those would probably give you an overview of a portion of the park, but they are not allowed on the walking paths. We used the iPhone map to navigate our way around. We saw Bethesda Fountain, open fields with families having fun, the resident hawk, a lone waterfall, beautiful bridges, a large reservoir, a playground for kids, Strawberry Fields (a tribute to John Lennon), an outdoor concert, people in row boats, rolling hills and large boulders to sit and relax on. After a half day in the park, we never came across the Central Park Zoo!
Visiting the Metropolitan Museum of Art was somewhat boring for us. It is all the buzz and talk about one of the must-see sights in the city. I enjoy art, but I can't say that I'm an art lover. I didn't realize how underwhelmed I would feel after visiting there. Oh well, I guess some things just don't keep my attention, and that was one of them for sure. One tip I can give you if you're visiting the museum is that the $25 admission fee is the "recommended" admission price. They will accept anything you are willing to pay for admission to the museum. If you look at the sign above the ticket desk the word "recommended" is really small next to the word admission. We offered $10 each, and they gladly accepted it. I considered it a donation. Be sure to grab a map, because you WILL get lost in the museum without one.
Short and sweet for day five.

I decided to add day 6 to this post as well. Since both days covered just a couple of places. Day six consisted of another day in Central Park. This time we kicked back and did some reading under the large shade trees. I think we needed a little break from all of the running around at this point in the trip. We found some entertainment in the subway station. You never know what you're going to come across at the stations or on the subway for that matter. This band called The Meetles was pretty good. I was impressed as they played the David Bowie song Major Tom spot on.

While on one of our walks in the park we came across a couple who had just married, but didn't have a photographer. We volunteered to take a picture for them, and they were very happy and thankful.

After the park we went back to the room to regroup for dinner in Little Italy. We met some long time friends there, and had a great time catching up while eating at Pellegrino's. The food was excellent, and the atmosphere inside and outside was relaxed and festive.
We felt safe being out after dark there. Just be sure to check your train schedule and stations. Some stations close at a certain hour and train schedules change too.