Day 3: Tips for Visiting The Big Apple, New York City for the first time

Tips for Visiting The Big Apple, New York City for the first time: Day 3

Here we are at day three. Well, Sandy and I have covered alot of ground up to this point. We've tackled many of the tourist destinations. Day three was reserved for a Broadway show and a couple other attractions.

We took the subway into Grand Central Station. It is a major hub of traffic into and out of New York City by rail. It can be confusing trying to find your train when you depart, but there are plenty of people there that can help you find it. The floor below the main concourse is a food court. We were surprised to find it because all of the pictures you ever see are in the main lobby of the terminal. The food court is made up of what you would typically find in a mall. I had Chinese and Sandy had a chicken kabob pita. Average food. We then headed up to the top level to find an Apple store that covered almost the entire floor complete with genius' to help you with any Apple issues. We forgot to go outside to take pictures of the front of the building.

Grand Central Station
Boarding another train, we continued our journey to Broadway and 53rd street to see Sister Act at the Broadway Theatre. I surprised Sandy with second row tickets, and she was elated. Originally we planned to stand in line to get the discounted tickets from TKTS, but after seeing the long line, I was relieved to have already purchased our tickets. I would say that most of the seats in the theatre had a good view except the ones in the way back. Being in the second row puts you just below the stage and very near the band that is below/under the stage. It was like we were part of the show. I highly recommend Sister Act as a clean, family friendly, funny show. At $14 for a medium sized coke and small bag of pretzels, I recommend that you arrive hydrated and full from a prior meal. Ha!

After the show let out, around 4:30pm, we walked down to the B&H photography superstore. Since we are professional photographers, we order equipment from them now and again. It was indeed a huge store, and they had plenty of staff on hand to handle any questions. They even have a used equipment section if your looking for something older or at a discounted price. It was like a candy store for photographers. They also carry video equipment and accessories.

From B&H, we walked down to 34th street where the Empire State Building is located. We had already got our pictures from 30 Rock, so we didn't feel the need to pay through the nose and stand in a long line to go to the top. This was a really busy section of town. You have to pay attention or you'll be in someone's way that's trying to make the next crosswalk. Anyway, we went into the lobby so I can officially say "Been there. Done that!" Go to 30 Rock, it's a great view and less crowded!

For dinner we stopped by the Potbelly Sandwich Shop for a quick bite to eat. We've eaten at this franchise before and knew we couldn't go wrong. The Wreck in our opinion is their best sandwich. They toast it, and it is yummy!

Continuing on to 5th Avenue, we stopped at the New York Public Library for a quick picture outside. Then it was on to St. Patrick's Cathedral for some more pictures. Just being inside the building is a highlight!

For dessert, we stopped at the Magnolia Bakery made famous by Sex and the City. I had a yummy piece of yellow cake with chocolate frosting, and Sandy had one of their cupcakes which was very good. We sat across from Radio City Music Hall to eat and take more pictures.

One note about bathrooms in the city. Some eating establishments don't have them! You may find yourself sneaking into another store to use the bathroom, and merchants have signs on the doors saying they are for customers only...for good reason. And for that reason, you'll usually find them in the basement or the top level of the restaurant all the way in the back.

That completed day three. Another long day on our feet, and they are tired. Time to regroup and recoup.