Installing a solid state hard drive

Installing a solid state hard drive:

This past week I installed a SSD on our aging Windows XP computer. We had to upgrade our Photoshop software to CS6 so I decided to load it onto a new SSD to increase its performance. I read all the reviews on Amazon and finally decided on a SanDisk Extreme SSD 240 GB SATA 6.0 Gb-s 2.5-Inch Solid State Drive SDSSDX-240G-G25. I found a window on our schedule of about 3-4 hours that I could install the drive and the software without interruption. I proceeded to remove the computer case and unpackage the SSD only to find out that it did not come with any cables. Fortunately from my last hard drive install I had a left over. Crisis averted. I connected the hard drive to the motherboard, reattached the case and plugged the computer back in. Once booted up I realized that the new drive was not showing on my drive list. I remembered that I had to flick the switch in the bios before moving forward. So I rebooted and hit the F2 key at startup on my Dell computer to get me into the bios. I checked the box next to the new drive so it would locate it at start up. I exited the bios and let the system boot. Once booted I went into the Administrative tools from the control panel. There I found the new drive and it automatically came up to initiallize it and make it a dynamic drive. I just followed the pop-up window instructions. Now the drive was showing as part of the system but was still unallocated. I right clicked on it to format it. I left the partition size as recommended in the steps from Windows. Once formatted I could pull up the drive uner "My Computer". I was now ready to load Photoshop. Photoshop cannot be loaded onto a new drive in the root directory so I made a folder called program files to house it. Once that was done the software install went flawlessly. Now we're running CS6 on the new SSD and it is faster by about 20-30% which makes a big difference when you're waiting for files to open and save. This will prolong getting a new PC or building one myself in the near future. Hope this helps someone out there in cyberspace.