If you loan your car, you're loaning your insurance too!

2006 Mustang for sale.
 Recently we listed our Mustang for sale and I wanted to find out how insurance works if you let someone test drive your vehicle. Some people like me may think that if someone gets in an accident while driving your car that they're responsible, right? Wrong! Not in Florida (Check with your individual state and agent.). In Florida you are on the hook if someone wrecks your car. In fact our agent said if a prosepective buyer is driving our car and hit a person or tree, it is OUR responsibility. Because the driver does not own the vehicle at the time of the accident, lawsuits will land on the owner(s). If you loan your car you are loaning them your insurance! So beware if your long lost friend needs to borrow your car or if you let someone test drive it. Please share this with your friends and post your comments below. Don't forget to sign up for my blog updates! Fill in the blank where it says "Follow by email" at the top right side of the page with your email address.