Shop around for your prescription!

You may have heard this before, but it's true. If you're someone like me who is self employed, you know that finding affordable health insurance with decent coverage can be challenging. Right now I'm on a BCBS plan that leaves much to be desired when it comes to prescription coverage. So when it came time to go to the doctor this week, I thought I would do a little prescription shopping. Because I'm allergic to so many common medications, the choice of antibiotics for me is limited. The antibiotic I normally take for sinus infections is Avelox. It's a costly, broad spectrum antibiotic that could set you back a small fortune. So I set out with my Google search for all my local pharmacies and went down the list asking for the price on my normal ten day dose. "Wow", I said as the pharmacy manager of CVS told me it would be almost two hundred dollars! After calls to about a half dozen pharmacies, Sams Club made my day when they said it would be about one hundred fifty dollars. After all, that was fifty bucks I was saving just by making a few calls. O.k., now I was ready for a trip to the doctor to get my prescription. He was ready to sign me up for my usual dose when I asked if there was any less expensive antibiotics out there for me. He said I could take a combination of two other drugs that would cover almost as many infection types as the Avelox did. In fact, he said they were free at my local Publix! Music to my ears! I didn't ask why or how. I rushed over to Publix, put in my prescription and then bammo, I was off and running with free antibiotics! So remember to call around and ask your doctor the next time you have to get a prescription. It could save you a bundle of dough like me if you don't have a fancy health plan.