Middle East Chain Reaction; What's yours?

Who would have thought that all of these countries would be part of a chain reaction uprising. It was probably just a matter of time before the people in these countries realized just how bad they had it. With  access to the internet, they can hear and see the truth about the rest of the world now, instead of from a censored state run television station. I think they want a taste of freedom and human rights. Who can argue with that? With this collapse of Socialism in these countries, radical Islamic fundamentalist are probably chomping at the bit to take over. We hope and pray that this does not happen and that the world will be in a better place after the unrest is settled. Do you think the United States should get involved? Personally, I think they should try and settle things themselves. They don't need us interfering with their way of life, unless it gets really ugly. Then I would support NATO in protecting innocent people if that is even possible.
In the mean time, the price of oil is headed north, and here we are as dependent as ever on that liquid gold. To that I say "drill baby drill", or find an alternative energy source that makes sense for us. Meanwhile, we can use apps on our smart phones to find the cheapest gas in town.
What are your thoughts? Please post your comments below...